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Guide to the 6/2 Human Design Profile – Role Model Hermit

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Discover what a 6/2 Human Design profile means for your aura type, and how it influences your relationships and the way you live your life.

Overview of the Role Model Hermit 6/2 Profile in Human Design

6/2 Human Design Profile - Role Model Hermit.

Next to your aura type, the profile lines in Human Design offer great insight into your personality. 

If your incarnation cross describes what you are here for, your profile indicates how you should interact with the world in order to achieve your purpose.

Quick recap about the profile lines…

The 12 profiles are each made up of two of the six profile lines, which correspond to the six lines of the hexagram. They comprise of:

  • 1st Line – The first line is the line of the Investigator
  • 2nd Line – The second line is the line of the Hermit
  • 3rd Line – The third line is the line of the Martyr
  • 4th Line – The fourth line is the line of the Opportunist
  • 5th Line – The fifth line is the line of the Heretic
  • 6th Line – The sixth line is the line of the Role Model

All human beings have their own profile number which can be found by looking at the unique design of their body graph.

Your conscious profile calculation (the first number in your profile) is derived from the position of your personality sun / earth (conscious personality), and your unconscious design calculation (the second number in your profile) is based on the position of your design sun / earth.

Profiles including the 6th line are interesting, in that their lives are clearly defined into three stages:

  • Phase one – Starts at birth an continues to around 30 years of age
  • Phase two – Starts at around 30 and continues until around 50 years of age
  • Phase three Starts at around 50+ and lasts until the end of life

Each of these qualities provides the Role Model Hermit with a quiet confidence.

What’s especially fascinating is that during the first of these stages, the sixth line is largely hidden, with the conscious line manifesting much more closely to the third line.

The third line is all about seeking novel life experiences in order to learn through trial and error, and it’s this attitude which allows the sixth line to develop through the following stages.

Line two of a 6/2 is where much of peace of mind stems from: this second line is blessed with natural gifts and insists upon time alone. Each of these qualities provides the Role Model Hermit with a quiet confidence, and time to reflect and recharge.

When we talk about profiles, the following three important things should be borne in mind:

  1. When looking at your profile lines, the first one is tied to consciousness, and the second to unconsciousness.
  2. They provide potentials for your life, not guarantees.
  3. They ultimately manifest in a different way depending on your aura type, and they should therefore be read in conjunction, as a unique way to navigate the world.

Now let’s take a closer look at each line, and the 6/2 profile in context of your energy type.

Diagram of 6/2 profile in Human Design.
Diagram of 6/2 profile in Human Design.

The 6th Profile Line – Role Model

As I touched upon above, there are three different phases in life for the sixth line. Fairly consistent themes throughout the life of a 6/2, however, are curiosity and reflection.

Curiosity is what drives the first phase, with reflection being what guides each of the phases forwards. 

Here’s more about what you can expect from each phase:

Phase One: Birth to Saturn Return (~ Age 30)

Role Model Hermits are consciously compelled to lead others.

The initial phase for a Role Model Hermit is all about experimentation. Here’s where that curiosity is really demonstrated: 6/2’s have a thirst for discovery and knowledge, and they seek to satisfy this desire with gusto!

This first stage is when many mistakes will be made, as it is for us all at this time of life. But for the 6/2, the process is gratifying – and extremely valuable.

Role Model Hermit’s have a sixth line personality, meaning that they are consciously compelled to lead others. 

Phase one is an extroverted time, centred around experiences.

And while this first phase more closely reflects the third line of exploration as mentioned above, it serves its purpose beautifully, setting the 6/2 up for the next phases…

Phase Two: Saturn Return (~ Age 30) to Chiron Return (~ Age 50)

According to the human design system, this is a transformative phase during which the 6/2 evolves from the third Martyr line to the line of the Role Model.

Ra Uru Hu described this second phase using the metaphor of being ‘on the roof’. The idea behind this house analogy is that this is the time during which the sixth line will manifest itself, by taking up position on the roof of the house, to observe and reflect.

A woman holds a pile of books and stares into space, in a contemplative pose. She wears a white shirt and her hair is tied held back with a scarf.

If phase one was an extroverted time centred around experiences, this stage is more introverted and focused on learning from those experiences, in anticipation of the third phase…

Phase Three: After Chiron Return (~ Age 50+)

The final phase of the 6/2 is where everything falls into place for the Role Model Hermit; they are ready to come down from the roof and embody their sixth line: the Role Model.

Phase three sees the line of the Role Model finally come into its own.

The challenging experiences of phase one, coupled with the intense reflection and awareness of phase two come together as deeply intuitive wisdom.

Of course, it’s well understood that the source of true wisdom stems from lived experience. It cannot be taught by others, but rather it’s gained through personal hardship and lessons learned, which is borne out by the phases of the Role Model Hermit.

Phase three sees the line of the Role Model finally come into its own, having great influence and impact on others as they are awed by the 6/2’s shrewd insight and understanding.

An older gentleman reads a book with a smile on his face. There are white flowers in the foreground on the left, and a green plant on the right. The man wears a blue shirt.

The third phase of a 6/2 manifests as a sage and reliable authority, which others are drawn to and naturally lean into. There is no need to promote their innate gifts, because it radiates from them and attracts the attention of everyone they communicate with.

False Self in the 6/2 Role Model Hermit Profile

When a person fails to live in alignment with their strategy and inner authority, and becomes vulnerable to the effects of conditioning, they will experience the false self theme.

The not-self theme is expressed as a combination of third and sixth line conditioning.

The sixth line is in your conscious sun for the 6/2, meaning the not-self theme is associated with the Role Model line. (Because the second line is in your unconscious sun, it cannot be influenced in any way and is not vulnerable to the false theme.)

Since there are elements of the third line also at play for the 6/2, the not-self theme is expressed as a combination of third and sixth line conditioning, manifesting as pessimism and a desire for stability at all costs.

This is not correct for the 6/2, for whom the process of the first phase is to experience mistakes specifically in order to later learn and grow from them. Clinging to the status quo in order to avoid change may feel comfortable in the short-term, it defies their ultimate purpose.

The 2nd Profile Line – Hermit

The second line theme centres first around a desire for alone time, and secondly the natural talents which set a 6/2 apart from others.

Now, the talents of the Role Model Hermit are displayed at their brightest.

According to the philosophy of Human Design, in the first phase of a 6/2’s life there’s a push-pull mechanism between the two profile lines, and experiencing conflicting feelings is inevitable.

While the sixth line (manifesting as 3rd line energy in the first phase), is driven to explore and investigate, the 2nd line instead desires time out, away from the world.

Being around others who recognise and admire their strengths helps the Role Model Hermit also acknowledge them.

During the second period of the sixth line is when the natural gifts associated with the Hermit have their chance to sparkle. This is the stage of maturity, and with the internal battle between introvert and extrovert dissipating, the talents of the Role Model Hermit are displayed at their brightest.

This organic process is in itself valuable to development through the phases…

With the second line functioning on an unconscious level, 6/2’s may have a hard time recognising their own gifts. They come so effortlessly, that they may not appear to the 6/2 to be gifts at all, instead simply perceived as 2nd line Hermit traits.

But, during the second stage as others begin to notice the flair and aptitude of the 6/2, so they will call them out from their self-imposed retreat. Being around others who recognise and admire their strengths helps the Role Model Hermit begin to acknowledge them, too.

Over time, a pattern of behaviour may develop, where the 6/2 withdraws to spend time reflecting, and they will subsequently be called out to rejoin the world.

Profiles vary dependent on Human Design types.

The Role of Aura Type in Profile 6/2

What does a 6/2 mean in Human Design? To answer this question, we must look at a Human Design chart holistically.

Profiles vary dependent on Human Design types, and while the qualities of both lines outlined above are fundamentally correct, they’re expressed differently through each particular aura.

While an important component of Human Design, profiles should be read alongside energy types to achieve greater insight.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the main types can influence the way the Role Model Hermit manifests…

6/2 Manifestor Profile in Human Design

A common theme for the 6/2 Manifestor is causing concern among those close to them, as they live out their inherent need for exploration, investigation, and discovery.

6/2’s needs to learn from personal experience.

Manifestors are unique in that they’re the only type for whom it is correct to initiate. Yet with the conscious 6 Role Model line, they often put themselves up for experiences or situations which are not in their best interest.

Of course, there’s no telling a Manifestor, and a 6/2 needs to learn from personal experience.

For this type and profile combination, living according to their strategy is essential to avoid resistance and unnecessary headaches: they must inform the people around them of their intentions before proceeding.

Either way, the 2nd Hermit line is bound to have the 6/2 Manifestor reflecting on their mistakes at some point – a great reminder to pay better attention to their strategy and authority!

6/2 Generator Profile in Human Design

Pure Generator’s have a special strategy: wait to respond. 

This is based on one of three possible internal responses, depending on their specific definition and authority. Generators may have a defined Sacral center, Solar Plexus, or Spleen.

The second line of the Hermit should help a Generator to uncover where their gifts and talents lie.

For Pure Generators, the 6 line can feel overwhelming and it’s all too easy to sign up for all of the things. It’s important to tune into their internal voice and be steered by that inner guide in order to avoid experiencing the not-self theme as a result of incorrect energy usage.

Back view of a busy lady, holding a takeaway coffee in one hand and placing a variety of orange, yellow, and pink post-it notes on a white board in front of her with the other.

Alongside their internal response, the second line of the Hermit should help a Generator to uncover where their gifts and talents lie, further guiding them towards correct decisions.

6/2 Manifesting Generator Profile in Human Design

MG’s have a defined Sacral Center (like a Pure Generator) and a defined Throat (like a Pure Manifestor). As such, they’re a hybrid of the two, and their qualities and traits are also a combination of these two energy types.

The false self theme may be experienced as a result of too much haste.

Manifesting Generators have the drive of a 6 line and a Manifestor, coupled with the abundant energy and internal compass of a Generator. With these qualities and the natural gifts of the 4 line, this combination is primed to be successful in life.

For an MG, the false self theme may be experienced as a result of too much haste, arising from the extreme enthusiasm – compulsion even – to always be doing more!

But, all action should be considered action – not literally with the mind, but based upon the MG’s internal authority and strategy: to inform and respond.

6/2 Projector Profile in Human Design

This is an interesting combination of aura type and profile; while it can lead to much frustration early in life, later on in the second and third phases there can be enormous satisfaction.

Though it leads to intense despondency for the young 6/2 Projector, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Projectors are a non-energy type, which means they’re unable to initiate: their strategy is to wait for an invitation. This feels very much at odds with the 6 line in their profile, and its third line manifestation in the birth to Saturn Return phase.

Yet, though it leads to intense despondency for the young 6/2 Projector who must always see the more energetic Manifestors, Generators, and MG’s come out on top – it’s a blessing in disguise.

This dynamic perfectly sets up the subsequent phases of the 6 line for the Projector: experiencing bitter disappointments early on leads the Projector to embrace their fourth line and quietly establish and develop their innate talents.

During the later stages of life, the Projector focuses on and becomes an authority in their chosen field/s.

The young and defeated Projector has no trouble living their strategy (waiting for an invitation), since they have long since given up attempting to initiate.

As time goes by, during the later stages of life, the Projector focuses on and becomes an authority in their chosen field/s. This process is totally organic, and eventually, others begin to recognise the Projector’s expertise.

6/2 Reflector Profile in Human Design

Reflectors are unique beings with no defined energy centers, trying on the traits and personas of others they admire.

A Reflector’s sampling energy helps them to discover and identify their authentic self.

The 6 line is expressed in Reflector as a feeling of inadequacy in the younger years of the first phase. As they frequently change their identity, imitating those they surround themselves with,  Projectors find they never quite fit.

But, over time, a Reflector’s sampling energy helps them to discover and identify their authentic self. This, alongside their experiences with a wide variety of different characters, sees a Reflector evolve and grow.

As they enter phase two of their sixth line, the second line harmonises with the Saturn Return to Chiron Return period, and Reflectors come into their own.

Older lady  relaxing on a daybed with a book. There's a large vase just out of shot on the left, and blue and orange cushions on the bed. She wears cream coloured clothing and a big contented smile, and has one bare foot in the air.

This marks the ideal opportunity for Reflectors to tap into their natural gift for reading others, as well as the desire to be alone, which enables them to gain deeper clarity and understanding about their own true nature.

Careers for Profile 6/2 in Human Design

After leaving education, Role Model Hermits may find that they bounce around in different industries and career paths, until they find something that plays to their natural strengths.

Often it’s in phase two that 6/2’s discover their vocation.

From the their first job until around 30, the ideal profession for a Role Model Hermit will be one which calls for varied roles. Later on it will be the one that allows them to work autonomously, with a great focus on their natural talents and qualities.

6/2 Human Design Compatibility

If you’re a 6/2 Role Model Hermit, there are certain profiles you’re known to be effortlessly compatible with, and this extends beyond a romantic relationship with a soul mate, to all areas of life, including friendships and business relationships too.

Bear in mind that this is simply a guide to known easy relationships, and doesn’t indicate that other relationships can’t also work!

Ideal matches: 6/2s and 3/5.

Also compatible with: 2/4, 4/6, and 6/3.

Less compatible with: 1/3, 1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 4/1, 5/1, and 5/2.

Famous 6/2 Human Design Profiles

Celebrity 6/2 profiles include:

  • Barack Obama
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Emily Brontë
  • Charles Dickens
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Bruce Lee
  • Elton John
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Edwina Currie

What Does the Science Say?

There is no empirical evidence to support the philosophy of Human Design.

However, the system comprises many fascinating theories – some with solid foundations in the context of psychology. So it’s not surprising that’s there is sometimes an overlap of features between Human Design and accredited research.

There are two Myers-Briggs personality types which appear to share similarities with the 6/2 Role Model Hermit.

At the bottom of each of the articles on this site, I endeavour to deconstruct the specific component discussed in the post, and uncover those common elements. 

In terms of each Human Design profile, I thought it would be interesting to see whether an overlap with any Myers-Briggs personality types exists. Bear in mind there are 12 different profiles in Human Design and 16 identified by the Myers-Briggs personality test1.

In the case of 6/2 Role Model Hermits, there are two Myers-Briggs personality types which appear to share similarities:

ISTP – The Crafter

The ISTP is highly independent and thrives on novel experiences which provide firsthand learning.

INTP – The Thinker

The INTP is introverted and known for having a rich inner world, perfect for reflection and developing self-awareness.

While neither of these profiles embodies the 6/2, you could perhaps say that the Crafter mirrors the Role Model, and the Thinker mirrors the Hermit.

What are your Human Design and Myers-Briggs profiles, and do you feel either / both are an accurate reflection of your personality?

Signature reading Kate, with a heart.


  1. Free personality test, 16 Personalities

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