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Ready to Embrace Your Unique Human Design?

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read and would like to delve further into your Design, why not order a thorough Human Design reading for yourself or a loved one? 

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Newly unique to the market, child reports are now also available to help strengthen your connection with your child, and support their wellbeing.

Unlike the free reports typically available online, the offering from Supernatural Coaching is a 120+ page comprehensive deep-dive into your unique Design and type, also covering profiles and themes and providing a quick reference guide and workbook.

Mother and child reading their Human Design reports.

Why order your report?
  • The easiest, most practical and affordable way to have instant access to a professional Human Design reading delivered straight to your inbox.
  • This Personalised Reading Report bundle offer is jam packed with incredible value.
  • It is the equivalent of 4 x 1:1 professional reading sessions and gives you everything you need to get started on your Human Design journey.
  • Your Personalised Human Design Reading Report is a DONE FOR YOU – ONE TIME PURCHASE BUNDLE OFFER.
  • Like an instruction manual to the correct way to live your daily life – the ultimate self-awareness guide to have in your wellbeing tool kit.
  • Designed for complete beginners in mind, and novices wanting to dive deeper into their unique chart.
  • Easy to understand, unpack and learn about your unique Design confidently, in your own time.
  • Learn all about the real you so you can trust yourself and make right decisions that are correct for YOU!
  • Achieve less resistance from those around you.
  • Start creating, implementing, and maintaining your personal boundaries unapologetically using the knowledge of your design.
Why order a child's report?

Discover the most advanced conscious parenting modality where cutting edge science meets spirituality. An astonishing yet powerful tool that reveals a holistic picture of your child’s true nature and encoded genetic blueprint giving you incredible insights of who they are and how their unique energy is designed to flourish.

Developed by Ra Uru Hu, Human Design is arguably the most accurate technology available that reveals the most truthful source of knowledge of people and their human experience. Knowing your child’s Human Design will bring incredible awareness to they really are and will help you build deeper, meaningful connections with them.

Your child’s Human Design is formulated using their birth place and time and is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese iChing, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

Just getting started with Human Design? Get your Essential Human Design Report for just USD 10.00!

Your Human Design Report Questions Answered

Have questions before you want to commit? You should find everything you may want to know below, but if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

What is a Human Design Report?

Our Human Design report is a comprehensive written report, detailing everything you need to know about about your body graph, in an easily digestible format.

Our chart report explains various components and outlines themes and insights relevant to your Design, whether you’re a:

  • Manifestor with Splenic, Emotional, or Ego authority;
  • Generator with Sacral, Splenic, or Emotional suthority;
  • Manifesting Generator with Emotional or Sacral authority;
  • Projector with Emotional, Splenic, Self-projected / G center, Ego / heart-projected, Mental authority;
  • Reflector with no inner authority, instead relying on lunar cycles as a guide.

This comprehensive and richly illustrated 120+ page digital material is the equivalent of a professional level 1 , 2, and 3 reading but in a report format.

This reading interpretation comes complete with your coloured Body Graph (sometimes called a Rave Bodygraph) – it is made for you and is specific to your Design. It explains the areas of your Human Design covered in this report, your characteristics, and the themes of each area and gives helpful insights and an incredible amount of information, illustrating how you are designed to operate.

It covers in detail:

If you are new to the Human Design system, accessing your unique Personalised Reading Report it’s a great place to start independently without the additional expense of a Human Design reader. It gives you the vocabulary that will explain the mechanics of the chart and the foundational knowledge for you to build on, providing the best possible experience.

If you are not sure you have the exact birth date and time, you can contact the hospital where you were born or the department of vital statistics in the city/state you were born.

As long as the time of birth is within a +/- 2 hour window frame your report will be accurate – but it’s always best to try and have it as close as possible. The larger the time window, the more likely it is that the constellation of planets will undergo significant changes during this time.

You could ask your parents or family members what they remember about your birth, if it was morning or evening? If you cannot locate it at all you can try contacting an experienced Vedic Astrologer.

Note: Birth location is used to determine the correct time zone, so it’s not necessary to have the exact city of birth; the nearest larger city or one that’s in the same region is perfectly sufficient.

It’s very rare this happens, however, if you are absolutely certain you’ve given the right birth details and your report does not resonate it is a possibility that you have been highly conditioned throughout your life.

We ask that you approach your Design with an open mind and heart. We have to be 100% honest with ourselves before we can begin to deconstruct and re-pattern any limiting beliefs we’ve unconsciously programmed in.

The objective of Human Design and the Gene Keys is to awaken ourselves within so we can accept who we are; once we can learn to love ourselves, we start to appreciate every one of us has our own unique design. It opens the doors to awareness and from there the opportunities are limitless.

Human Design does not tell us we are good or bad people, nor does it know or tell us about the experiences we’ve had in life. Rather, it’s a tool that gives us access to the knowledge of how we are energetically configured. We all have a choice to live out the highest expression of our design (aligned themes) or play out the shadow side (unbalanced not-self theme), but most of us are not aware of how this works.

As humans we are here to experience the full spectrum of emotions; we’re here to learn and grow from our life experiences – we are not here to stay stuck and suffer in repeated cycles.

Studying your Human Design is a wonderful way of becoming conscious of your traits so you can make the right choices that are aligned with the highest expression of your Design.

That’s really great you’ve already studied the details of your chart or Rave Mandala! Human Design is interpreted in many different ways depending on the teacher and their niche.

Our Human Design Personalised Reading Report is designed as a foundational reading for beginners new to this system, and those who are already tapped in but want a more in-depth and better understanding and to study through the workbook material to help the de-conditioning process.

If you’re already confident you know your bodygraph chart and are already experimenting with living and embodying your Design, then perhaps this particular product is not suitable for you. However, if you wanted to gift someone their Personalised Reading Report as a first reading, it’s a beautiful way for them to learn all about their Design.

In the meantime, if you’d like to continue following us, we have some amazing new products that dive deeper into your Design waiting to be launched – so stay tuned!


If you want to discover who you really are on an authentic level, this Personalised Professional Reading Report is the perfect starting point.

Here you will learn what makes you different to everyone else around you; it will explain why you do things the way you do, what makes you tick, how your energy is perceived by those around you which you may not be aware of, and your most effective communication styles.

It will wake you up to yourself and give you an opportunity to start creating a life story that is more in alignment with your authentic self. It will help you to start living as your true self, rather than going along with life getting swept up by everyone else’s life story, or feeling stuck in dysfunctional cycles.

That’s okay. Some of the wonderful and valuable things in life cannot, nor do they need to be, explained. Human Design is not a system that needs validation.

It’s a philosophy that requires experimentation before coming to conclusions. It’s helpful if Human Design resonates with you before you embark on the knowledge. Why not browse through some of the posts on this site before choosing whether to commit further?

Start here: What is Human Design? Learn How to Read Your Human Design Chart

No, Human Design is not a religion or a cult, or a dogmatic belief system. It doesn’t put you in a box, label, or judge you; it doesn’t tell you are a bad or good person. In fact no design is better or superior to another – it simply cannot be compared because it is unique to you!

There will never, ever be another design of you in the history of the cosmos! It is the intersection of modern science and ancient spirituality, a concrete map to the nature of your being, and is being widely recognised in the holistic space as a modality that raises human consciousness, empowering us all to become our own leaders.

Human Design is not numerology, nor is it a self-assessment tool. Your quantum blueprint is formulated using your birth information and is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology including the Chinese iChing, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra Systems, and Quantum Physics.

It’s a one of a kind intelligent system and there is nothing else like it.

Absolutely – it’s for all of us!

Everyone has a design including our kids. Parenting or caring for children using the knowledge of this system is truly a game changer.

Knowing your whole family’s design will create a new way of understanding and respecting each other, cultivating harmony and balance in your home.

Firstly, you are going to learn something brand new: you are going to discover who you are on a quantum level… how exciting is that?

The world is rapidly changing, wellness and self-development are the biggest and hottest industries right now. Self-knowledge is absolutely key to any healing or transformational work.

Gone are the days when we simply let life happen to us. There’s little to no trust left in the leaders and authority we once trusted; it’s time to learn about who we really are and why we’re here, so we can step up and take back control of our own authority and be sovereign.

When we know who we truly are, we:

  • Trust ourselves
  • Make better life decisions
  • Embrace our unique gifts and life purpose to fulfil our highest potential
  • Show up for ourselves and our children who are watching and learning from us.

I don’t know what spirituality looks like to you, but here’s my definition of being ‘spiritual’:

Becoming interested in your spiritual life (for me) simply means living a truthful and authentic life.

It means examining every area of life with truth and integrity, forgiving yourself for any wrongdoings, and also finding the courage to forgive others.

Deciding to take the spiritual road is hard… It’s ego-based work and it’s difficult because it questions every belief you hold about yourself and others.

Deciding to do this work forces you to look at the energy of others through a different lens… a lens of compassion. That’s very hard when we’ve been hurt and are in pain. Becoming interested in your spiritual life basically means taking a hard look in the mirror and then creating a new version of who yourself, minus the wounds and cycles of dysfunctional behaviours, particularly self-sabotage.

You did not come here to suffer – you came here to learn some lessons. Yes it’s a struggle, but you are stronger than you think. This journey of growth is the most important and rewarding transformation you can choose to pursue. Most successful self-made entrepreneurs you see today are on the spiritual journey.

The word ‘spiritual’ may seem steeped in religion, but it’s not based on faith or fear-based dogma – it’s based-on self-love – to be enlightened simply means to love yourself, and is therefore very freeing work.

Call it what you will, there are no rules to how you do this inner work. Once you move into alignment, you liberate yourself from your own internal prison, and begin to create the life you desire and deserve.

Your Human Design journey will start with self-analysis to examine who you are, and progress onto learning about your gifts, talents, and true nature. Our Human Design report will be your guide and metaphorical handhold as you lean into your Design and begin to live in alignment with your strategy and inner authority type.

But the most important aspect? You’ll master the most significant relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

In comparison to having a 1:1 Human Design reading with a certified expert, the report is value-packed and actually very well-priced.

The Human Design Personalised Reading Report has been crafted in a way that is:

  • Easy to digest
  • A beneficial way of learning your Design
  • An investment for self-development and personal growth
  • A keepsake product

The graphics and design work that have gone into the report make it a truly beautiful and valuable product you can keep coming back to.

During 1:1 readings, we can sometimes forget what we’ve been told; this is a tool you can keep coming back to over and over again, and can download unlimited times. Each time you return to the information you’re sure to pick up something new – it’s a living document in the sense that it works with your current level of consciousness each time you read the material.

The journal sections are incredibly valuable: each time you re-visit the workbook, you may find your answers change as you come into alignment. But that’s not a problem since you can keep printing out the material as often as required, to fill out with your new, enlightened perspective.

The price point has been tested and received incredible feedback for value and content. It’s a done-for-you unique personalised product, and it’s yours for life!

You will not find this unique product anywhere else.

The Personalised Reading report was designed for newcomers and keen novices to the system.

The mission of Supernatural Coaching founder, Samantha, is to bring Human Design affordably to every person on the planet. She believes Human Design is an incredibly valuable tool that can bring positive transformational results to everybody.

Human Design is a complex system and it needs to be explained in manageable steps for newbies and people who are already familiar with the system. Knowledge of the channels, gates, incarnation cross, and other areas of the chart are considered a deeper level.

It’s not necessary for people new to the system and it can be intimidating and overwhelming.

As far as Sam and the entire Human Design community are concerned, living in alignment with your energy type, strategy, and authority are the three golden keys to your Design; to experiment with the system we must begin there.

There is more than enough detailed information contained in the areas covered in the Personalised Reading Report such as defined and open centres, lines, and profiles, as well as an in-built workbook journal for the user to reflect on.

There will be more products and services released in the new year which dives deeper into the chart so stay tuned!

The personalised Human Design reading report is specifically tailor-made to your Design and is therefore a non-refundable product.

Once you download the PDF we do not offer refunds, however we’re happy to correct your chart if you’ve entered the wrong time.

Send our team an email at attaching a copy of the report, and providing the correct time.

We will arrange to manually correct this; please give us some time to put this right for you.

You can purchase a child’s report from birth, but Samantha from Supernatural Coaching recommends from the age of 2+ this is because the information contained in the reading report assumes your child is somewhat self-aware.

Research shows that toddlers have self-conscious emotions; their observable self is still developing, but they don’t have the ability to express what’s going on or understand why they feel the specific ways they do. However, they are beginning to understand that they can be the object of another person’s attention. Around their second birthday, toddlers are entering a world of fearing rejection and wanting to be accepted.

In saying this, the reports make a beautiful and unique gift to give to parents to celebrate the birth of their child.

We never really stop parenting our children, even when they become adults.

The children’s reports are designed to help parents become aware of their children’s true nature and understand their behaviours so they can be managed in conscious and healthy ways. The objective of knowing your child’s Human Design is to recognise how they may have been conditioned throughout their childhood, which may have created unbalanced behaviour traits.

The intention is to give parents suggestions and helpful tips and tools with the aim of de-conditioning and correcting those imbalances, but also to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage them to keep living in their true essence.

If you’re a parent experiencing disconnection or unhealthy/dysfunctional family dynamics, Sam recommends purchasing the child report.

The adult reports are for those wanting to learn Human Design for themselves. If you’re wanting to learn your child’s design, purchase a child report (even if they are nearly an adult). It will give you deeper levels of awareness and insights into your child.

If your nearly-adult child is interested in self-development and wants to read and learn about their own Human Design, we suggest they purchase an adult report of their own to take advantage of the workbook material.

Absolutely! In fact, this is a game changer for parents who struggle to know what is best when managing challenging behaviour in their children.

The child report explains the benefit of understanding the emotional and energy needs driving those behaviours. When parents are mindful of this, it helps them to develop more compassion towards their child and learn how to regulate their own emotions, which in turn facilitates more effective parenting.

Ultimately, understanding your child’s Human Design brings new awareness to how you react to your child’s behaviours. It’s a great way to start healing or re-parenting yourself through the wisdom of this lens.

Sam recommends both parents purchasing and studying their own design first. She believes aligning yourselves first as parents is the magic formula to create a strong platform through which you can begin to support your child in becoming the best version of themselves.

Your twins will have the exact same Human Design, however this does not mean they will express their Design in the same way: they are deeply connected but different souls, even with the same design.

Twins are designed to embrace and enjoy their own unique life path.

That’s up to you. Nowadays young teens are curious about emotional health and wellbeing. It’s becoming popular for children to enjoy and experiment with astrology, crystals, chakras, and energy modalities.

Sam’s children know she works with Human Design but she does not tell them she parents them according to their Design – it’s an awareness tool for parents more than anything. It should never be used in a dogmatic way, nor should it be deemed the only way to parent your child.

If the material you read resonates and feels meaningful then experiment with it, take what you think may work with your child and leave what doesn’t.

Your child may not want to use their authority or strategy type, and that’s okay – don’t impose it. You can come up with clever ways to try weaving their Design into your parenting (which is what Sam mostly does), but never in a way that feels forced. That’s not what parenting with Human Design is about.

You’ll find learning your own design first is what will start to make impactful changes in your family dynamics. Conscious parenting is always focused on the parent rather than the child, and you will find when consistently applied the child naturally falls into sync.

In proud collaboration with Supernatural Coaching.