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Spirituality and Wellness Blog – Manifesting & Human Design

Welcome to spirituality blog Manifesting & Human Design, a website dedicated to supporting and promoting your spiritual journey, helping you to find clarity and harmony where spirituality aligns with science.

A Different Kind of Spirituality Blog: Equal Parts Spiritual Teacher / Psychology Teacher

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If you’re keen to explore and embrace spirituality, but within the framework of science-backed personal development, then you’re in the right place!

A fusion of science and spirituality.

I’m a big proponent of cultivating zen habits such as journaling and daily meditation, to support mental health and spiritual growth.

I also happen to have a strong affinity with psychology, and this blog is the result:

A fusion of science and spirituality where you can discover a spiritual path of true value, through information which promotes belief in something bigger alongside your own capabilities.

No mysticism, simply the grit and determination to set goals and then go out and smash them. Not with futile exercises that have no scientific substance, but by developing healthy habits.

How Do You Define Spirituality?

There’s no right or wrong way to experience spirituality.

Having something to believe in, often referred to as spiritual wellbeing, is a vital part of good emotional health, but what actually is spirituality, and what does a spiritual person look like?

Spirituality is defined in the dictionary as:

The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Oxford Languages

Certainly the idea means different things to different people, and ultimately it’s open to interpretation.

But it’s important to note that spirituality is not (necessarily) the same thing as religion, and everybody can – and arguably should – explore this dimension of wellbeing (keep reading for the associated benefits).

In practice, spirituality might:

  • Equate to a new religion,
  • Mean deep soul-searching and personal growth,
  • Be practiced as a part of meditation,
  • Manifest as a profound sense of connection with the Universe.

There’s no right or wrong way to experience spirituality – unless it is harmful to others.

Spiritual Wellness Starts With Integrity

A popular facet of spirituality is the New-Age movement, which relates to a broad range of practices, and brings comfort to many. Each of these various philosophies are deeply fascinating, often overlapping with science and psychology. And often written about on unscrupulous spirituality blogs as indisputable fact.

Spiritual tools should be not for material gain.

Concerns arise when encouraging values and guidance for living a positive and fulfilling life (good) tip over into specific recommended actions, exercises, or any consequential decision designed to produce specific outcomes (bad).

Spiritual tools should be not for material gain, but instead geared towards changing mindset for the better.

As somebody who is enormously preoccupied with valuable science-backed personal growth, I began to question the bold, unsubstantiated claims associated with some of these communities. And then I started this site to document my research and findings, through the lens of psychology.

Incidentally, faith is a powerful mechanism in psychology, and it’s one I strongly advocate.

But in the context of the occult, it must be handled sensitively in order to avoid causing potential harm:

Faith is fantastic. But encouraging vulnerable or desperate people to believe in pseudo-science which effectively sets them up to fail, is irresponsible (LoA, I’m looking at you).

With all of the above in mind, I wanted to explore compelling areas of the spiritual realm, and create comprehensive resources online that would serve as informative, in every sense.

My goal is to leave people captivated – but informed.

If you’re curious about the spiritual experiences associated with New-Age philosophies such as Human Design and Numerology, I hope you’ll find the material you’re seeking out. And if you’re looking for clear information regarding which elements of specific practices have been proven to work, you’ll find that at the end of each post too.

My goal is to leave people captivated – but informed. There is some truly brilliant science worth knowing and understanding, particularly in relation to manifesting and affirmations.

This is Also a Human Design Blog

It won’t have escaped your attention that this is also in large part a Human Design website.

Human Design is fascinating, not in spite of, but because it has not been proven by science.

What is Human Design? If you’re new to the topic, it’s a powerful tool providing an energetic blueprint for each of us, based on our own Design and energy type, facilitating each of us to live our life purpose as our true self.

It’s a synthesis of many of the other themes explored here, and so it’s a perfect fit for the site. It’s also something which I find fascinating, not in spite of, but because it has not been proven by science.

Create your own unique Human Design chart and learn about its fundamental concepts.

The traditional Human Design system is relatively young, but it’s becoming more popular – and many people wholeheartedly buy into it – because it rings true and they strongly connect with its principles of energy type.

With this in mind, I have written extensively about the subject, and continue to do so as I continue my learning journey.

On this site you can create your own unique Human Design chart, and learn about the following fundamental concepts:

  • Human Design types (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector)
  • Gene keys
  • Human Design authority
  • Energy centers
  • Human Design strategy
  • Human Design gates and channels
  • Incarnation cross
  • Not-self theme and signature

The idea behind HD is that by following its principles, we’re able to reach our highest potential, per our genetic Design and life path.

Are you a Human Design Projector or a Generator type, an Investigator Martyr or a Martyr Heretic, and do you have Emotional authority or one of the other Human Design authorities?

Either way, you will find the relevant information to help you navigate your life in harmony with the unique energetic system, by living your inner authority and strategy to achieve your full potential.

The idea behind HD is that we’re able to effectively tailor our communication style to gain the greatest benefit in our interactions with others, allowing us to form better relationships and to reach our highest potential, per our genetic Design and life path.

Please note that whilst we offer a free bodygraph birth chart, we do not currently offer a free Human Design report. Due to the amount of work that has gone into our personalised Essential report, we charge a small fee as part of our business model which helps us to continue creating great content for you at no cost.

Alternatively, we offer a Comprehensive report in association with Supernatural Coaching, where you can also book a Human Design reading with Samantha, a Human Design specialist.

Order Your Human Design Report!

If you’re intrigued by what you’re reading and would like to delve further into your Design, why not order a thorough Human Design reading report for yourself or a loved one? 

Hot tip: Use code HD963K2 for a 25% discount when you purchase two or more reports!

Child reports, unique to the market, are now also available to help strengthen your connection with your child, and support their wellbeing.

Unlike the free reports typically available online, the offering from Supernatural Coaching is a 120+ page comprehensive deep-dive into your unique Design and type, also covering profiles and themes and providing a quick reference guide and workbook.

Mother and child reading their Human Design reports.
Just getting started with Human Design? Get your Essential Human Design Report for just GBP 10.00!

Other Topics Covered on This Spiritual Blog

Some of the topics covered on this blog include:

You’ll find articles on Manifesting & Human Design discussing the accepted knowledge behind these philosophies, followed by a deconstruction of the information to find which parts are backed by science.

And just because certain concepts do not have scientific basis, doesn’t automatically mean they are of no value; it simply means we should exercise caution – especially where explicit outcomes are guaranteed.

The Benefits of Committing to Spiritual Healing

Spirituality is a key element of living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Benefits include:

There’s a vast amount of research demonstrating the positive impact of spirituality for every human being.

It’s the pinnacle of spiritual health.

Of course, having faith and embracing a spiritual life is quite different to being led to believe in the mystical ability to use your daily vibrations to attain your most deeply held desires. This aspect of manifesting feels disingenuous and harmful, and that’s the purpose of the blog posts discussing the practice of manifestation on this website.

On the other hand, there are also many inspiring concepts, some backed by research and others solely rooted in faith, which can act as spiritual guidance to a meaningful life of happiness.

How to Pursue Spiritual Awakening

It’s the pinnacle of spiritual health, but how do you pursue a spiritual awakening?

Whilst subjective, many would agree that the following signs may signify a spiritual awakening:

  1. Awareness

The first step to awakening is awareness. Essentially this means mindfulness: stopping living on autopilot and instead being fully present in the moment so that you can begin to see and notice things in a different, more profound way.

This newly acquired awareness can help us to tune into our inner wisdom.

It’s almost like becoming a spectator of your life, taking a broader perspective so that you’re better positioned to analyse and process, creating refreshing change or master shift, as you learn to respond instead of react.

  1. Intuition

This newly acquired awareness can help us to tune into the inner wisdom we all have, but don’t always acknowledge: intuition.

Intuition is highly fascinating because it’s actually a proven element of the human psyche. Evolved as a safety mechanism and based on unconscious emotional responses discerned from instinct and past experiences, intuition manifests as a ‘gut feeling’ with no logical explanation – one which rarely lets us down.

  1. Connection

This refers to feeling an appreciation for and an affinity or kinship with others, not limited to close family and friends. It may extend to your local community, animals, and even the planet and beyond.

  1. Compassion

That sense of connection organically results in increase empathy, influencing outlook, and provoking greater compassion for others.

Establishing a sense of purpose is pivotal to life satisfaction.

  1. Authenticity

With a heightened sense of belonging and empathy, it’s natural to experience increased feelings of self-worth and authenticity.

  1. Purpose

Establishing a sense of purpose is pivotal to life satisfaction, and can even have health implications for the physical body, such as decreased risk of cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality!

With each of the above components coming together, life begins to feel different. Instead of simply going through the motions you may begin to feel driven to achieve a goal you strongly believe in, or profoundly connected to the spiritual direction your life is taking.

These different steps guide your spiritual journey.

  1. Positivity

Developing a deep sense of purpose and consequently meaning in your life, naturally leads to elevated levels of positive thinking, colouring how you experience everyday life.

  1. Inner peace

Ultimately, each of these different steps cultivates a simple wisdom, guiding your spiritual evolution towards a fulfilled and harmonious life.

Books For Further Spiritual Reading

If you’re keen to learn more about spirituality in all its various forms, these books may be of interest:

Spiritual Literacy

Psychotherapy Without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective

Jewish Spiritual Practices

The Cry For Spiritual Mothers and Fathers

The Best Spiritual Blogs to Follow For More Spiritual Guidance

Here is a list of some other popular spiritual advice blogs:

  • Zen Habits, founded by Leo Babauta
  • The Mindful Word
  • Tiny Buddha, founded by Lori Deschene
  • Purpose Fairy, founded by Luminita Saviuc
  • Spiritual Travels, founded by Nick Kembel
  • Killing the Buddha, founded by Peter Manseau and Jeff Sharlet
  • Abbey of the Arts, founded by Christine Paintner
  • Josephine Robertson
  • Ignatian Spirituality

Any faith or practice that promises comfort, holds merit.

You may notice that this list includes both religious and non-religious blogs. That’s because spirituality is something we each have to discover and embrace for ourselves, in different ways and whatever form it feels right.

There’s nothing wrong in having faith in something that cannot be seen; I only take objection to that which promises specific gains as a direct result of a specific daily habit.

On the other hand, any faith or spiritual practice that promises comfort, holds merit.

Signature reading Kate, with a heart.