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The Art of Being a Projector Energy Type in Human Design

Human Design Projectors traits, and how to embrace these qualities to operate in alignment with your true nature, and experience fulfilment and success.

What Are Human Design Projectors?

Human Design Projectors | Image shows a woman with her back to the camera meditating on the beach.

Let’s first take a look at the fascinating concept of Projectors in Human Design, and then deconstruct the philosophy for any scientific or psychological basis.

Similarly to the chakra system, in the study of Human Design we have we have nine energy centers, thirty-six channels, and sixty-four gates. These may be open (undefined) or closed (defined), with each of the many possible combinations falling into one of five personality types.

Only when each performs its intended strategy will this paragon be achieved. 

Human Design Projectors are one of these five Human Design types and they make up around 20% of the world’s population.

The other ‘types’ within the Human Design system include:

Projector’s Role / Life Purpose

According to Ra Uru Hu, the types should exist in perfect symbiosis, creating mutually beneficial relationships between one another. 

The philosophy of Human Design states that there’s a ‘correct’ way for each of these types to operate, and only when each performs its intended strategy will this paragon be achieved. 

The appropriate function for each type is as follows:

  • Manifestors should initiate; they’re here to get things started,
  • Generators respond; they’re here to build,
  • Manifesting Generators build; they’re here to find shortcuts to mastery,
  • Projectors guide the response; they’re here to direct others,
  • Reflectors reflect; they’re here to reflect the situation for assessment.
The 5 Human Design types.

Make Up of Human Design Projectors

Most Projectors have the majority of their centers open. This essentially means that they are non-energy types, but readily take in and reflect energy from others.

Not only do they reflect back the flow of energy they take in from those around them – they amplify it!

This frenetic dynamic can make it appear that the Projector is generating all of this energy themselves but the reality is different. 

The Projector absorbs, expands, and reflects the energy of others, but since it is not their own it can leave them totally exhausted and drained.

Projectors need to learn to be at peace with who they truly are.

As such, Projectors are not ‘doers’; instead, when living in alignment with their unique strategy they are natural leaders. Projectors make wonderful innovators and guides, helping those around them to focus their energies in the right places.

However, this can be a difficult state for adult Projectors to embrace, since they are conditioned from birth (as we all are) to value activity as a benchmark of accomplishments and successes. 

Projectors need to work at shedding those ingrained influences and learn to be at peace with who they truly are.

Projector Aura

Our aura is an invisible energy field, surrounding every living being. The frequency of our aura communicates to others who we are, drawing them to us. When they recognise the essential quality of the Projector, others are moved to invite their guidance.

Having a variety of different types of guides is valuable, and Projectors fulfil this important role having the most variation of inner authority of all Human Design types. They include:

  • Emotional Projectors
  • Splenic Projectors
  • Self Projected Projectors
  • Ego / Heart Projected Projectors
  • Mental Projectors / Environmental Authority

As a group Projectors are complex beings who are well-equipped to read and guide every other energy type, particularly Generator energy.

The Projector’s aura is a powerful force which extends (projects) out towards others, and is reciprocally projected upon by others. 

Projectors have an inherent ability to be deeply attuned with others.

This is a blessing and a curse, because it’s what both allows them to experience such focused empathy, but also what makes them incredibly vulnerable to conditioning and burnout. It’s also the source of our Projector gift: the ability to recognise how energy should be applied.

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Human Design Projector Characteristics

Specific traits of Projectors include:

  1. Unique ability to read and empathise with others

Projectors have an inherent ability to be deeply attuned with others. Their open centers and ability to take on others’ energy means that they are easily able to read that energy with unique insights, in a truly authentic way.

Human design bodygraph
  1. Recognition and unique perception

As an extension of taking on and reading the energy of those around them, Projectors are also really good at recognising the potential and talents in others.

With this incredible intuitive gift of recognition and perception, resulting in new and unique ways of viewing the world, Projectors develop their own special gift…

  1. Wisdom

What really sets Projectors apart is their exceptional wisdom, which comes from their undefined centers. This quality creates excellent leadership style and is fundamental to the symbiotic relationship between the different Human Design energy types.

This synergy is automatic, spontaneous, and completely organic.

  1. Efficient energy guides

Being a natural leader and also authentically empathising with others allows Projectors to expertly guide others who are different energy types. This is their true role: the Human Design guide for Manifestors, Generators, and Manifesting Generators in the most efficient use of their energy resources and skills.

  1. Magnetism

The reason that others tend to defer to Projectors as their guides, trusting their discernment and having complete faith in their wisdom is the Projector’s undeniable magnetism.

Projectors are not pushy or forceful guides; it’s a totally natural dynamic at the essence of Human Design. When each personality type is living correctly in alignment with their energy, this synergy is automatic, spontaneous, and completely organic.

When this is the environment the Projector finds themselves in, they can be confident they’re living in alignment with their signature.

Human design mandala.

The Projector Strategy

Recognition goes both ways for Projectors. The strategy for Projectors is to wait to be recognised for their valuable wisdom and leadership skills, and invited to share their talents. 

Others will recognise their talents and naturally be drawn to invite them to participate.

If the Projector waits for a correct invitation and accepts, there will be no resistance from the right people in regards to the right invitation, and they can expect to benefit from the vast energy resources of whoever issued the invitation.

Projectors need not be impotent when it comes to these invitations. 

By living in accordance with their Projector energy and focusing on the meaningful things in life that light them up, others will recognise their gifts and talents and naturally be drawn to invite them to participate.

Projectors must defer to their inner authority in order to be confident in accepting only the correct invitations. This is important because accepting the wrong ones will negatively impact the Projector, leading to exhaustion, possible illness, and deep bitterness.

Projector Subtypes

Further to above, there are actually several Projector types, which can be first split into the following subtypes, and then further separated by inner and external authority variations:

1. Classic Projectors

The Classic Projector type includes Splenic Projectors (with no connection to the heart center or root center) and self-projected Projectors.

Typically portrayed as being easily drained of energy and therefore requiring lots of rest, Classic Projectors should take time to examine where they’re expending their energy level. Are the invitations you’re accepting ones that truly light you up and align with your energy?

By being discerning in what invitations you accept and working with your authority, you’ll avoid burnout.

2. Energy Projectors

Splenic Projectors (with a connection to the heart center or root center), emotional Projectors, and ego-projected Projectors are Energy Projectors.

You are an Energy Projector if you have a defined motor center. Note your Sacral Center will be open because otherwise you’d be a Generator rather than a Projector, but any of your other three motor centers (Solar Plexus, the Ego center, or the Root center) may be defined.

Motor centers are energy resources for human beings. Since Energy Projectors have at least one consistent and reliable source of energy, they may not fit the Classic Projector stereotype of being tired or easily burned out.

3. Mental / Environmental Projectors

Authorities In Human Design come under two umbrellas: inner authority and external authority.

Mental Projectors have a defined Ajna center connected to the Head or Throat center, with no other centers defined below. The Ajna is the awareness center and the source conscious mind, conceptualisation, analysis, and processing of information. 

Reflectors and Environ/Mental Projectors have external authority. In fact, Mental Projectors may find they have much in common with Reflectors.

Mental projectors need to bounce ideas off of others around them in order to gain clarity. This does not mean taking advice, but using others as a sounding board to help you connect to your authentic feelings about an invitation.

Keep in mind having many open centers means you are intensely vulnerable to the conditioning influence of others, and therefore it’s vital that Projectors are hyper cautious with who they allow to perform this role for you.

Projector Inner Authority Variations

Now let’s take a look at the different kinds of inner authority that may apply to Classic and Energy Projectors.

Human Design inner authority.

Projectors have the following different inner authority variations:

  • Emotional Authority

If you have this authority you need to feel your way through options before committing to important decisions.

  • Splenic Authority

Splenic authority means listening to instantaneous gut feelings about an invitation, and acting accordingly.

  • Self-Projected Authority

This type of authority manifests an a deep, inner knowing. If splenic authority is a gut feeling, then self-projected knowing is an internal voice speaking to you, often described as a physical sensation close to the sternum.

It’s vital that Projectors are hyper cautious with who they allow to perform this role for you.

  • Ego or Heart-Projected Authority

In super rare cases Projectors may have ego-projected inner authority. In these instances, the Projector will need to ask pertinent questions of themselves and feel for a pull towards or away from an invitation.

Projectors living correctly and in alignment with their true and unique energy are discerning curators of the life force energy around them – fastidiously discriminating in who they permit into their inner circle. 

Projectors Human Design | Image shows a woman meditating on the beach.

The Projector’s Signature of Success

Understanding and leveraging your individual strategy and authority will lead to your signature: recognition and ultimately, success.

Feeling your signature at the end of the day is indicative that you are living in harmony with your true energy.

Projectors, Energy Resources, and Sleep

Like Manifestors and Reflectors, energy ebbs and flows for Projectors thanks to their undefined Sacral center. When in the company of Generators and Manifesting Generators, a lot of Projectors can ride the wave of their Sacral energy, not consciously aware of how drained they are until they’re alone.

Projectors tend not to have sustainable energy, and it’s important that they respect their limits and take time out to recharge and recalibrate when they feel their reserves depleting.

Projectors are so vulnerable to absorbing outside energy that they should sleep alone at least a few times each week, so they are away from the auras of others. This gives them the opportunity to honour their need for rest and recalibration and avoid burnout.

It’s sensible to head to bed before a Projector feels tired to give themselves time to unwind and fully dispel the energy taken in during the day prior to sleeping. Failing to do this may prevent them from getting a restful sleep and that in turn can lead to feelings of resentment and bitterness.

There are a lot of fascinating ideas built into the philosophy of Human Design.

The Projector’s Not-Self (False Self) Theme

Speaking of which, bitterness is the not-self theme of the Projector.

Given that only around one in five people are Projectors, it can be difficult to find a good role model for your type. This may make Projectors susceptible to conditioning, and experiencing the not-self theme of bitterness.

This can be brought about from overwhelming feelings from absorbing too much energy from others without sufficiently resting and discharging. It can also occur as a result of trying to force an invitation; the best way to combat this is by following your strategy and waiting for an authentic invitation.

Image shows a man watching the sunrise.

Famous Projectors

Famous Projectors include:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Barack Obama
  • Princess Diana
  • Charles Darwin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Brad Pitt
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Gerard Butler
  • Denzel Washington

Is There Any Science Behind the Concept of the Human Design Projector Personality Type?

While there’s no supporting evidence for the Human Design system, there are a lot of fascinating ideas built into the philosophy.

Notably, the concept of the Projector personality type overlaps with an inherited personality trait called sensory processing sensitivity. In practice, SPS looks like increased awareness of and overstimulation caused by the environment.

It’s important to note that SPS is not a disorder, but a different way of experiencing the world, with increased sensitivity. I know about this very well, because it’s something I live with personally.

Without a doubt people with these traits exist.

A person with a particularly high measure of SPS is considered to be a highly sensitive person, and may have difficulty with some of the following:

  • Easily (and accurately) picking up on the emotions of others;
  • Feeling intensely overwhelmed by itchy clothing, loud noises, bright lights, or strong scents;
  • The need to retreat to a calm, quiet, space to recalibrate after socialising or being around chaotic environments;
  • Feeling overwhelmed by many tasks in a short space of time with insufficient time to replenish your reserves of energy;
  • The fact that you need calm time alone to achieve this.

Without a doubt people with these traits exist, and one important aspect of HSP’s is their tendency to absorb the emotions of others.

Interestingly, some of the suggested ways to manage living as an HSP include:

  • Creating healthy boundaries (knowing which invitations to accept/decline),
  • Establishing your personal emotional baseline,
  • Determining what energy is your own (and what is being projected onto you),
  • Mindfulness exercises (focusing on activities which you find meaningful and fulfilling),
  • Processing with the assistance of somebody else (mental Projectors).

With all this in mind, there are undeniably some intriguing common themes between this personality type in Human Design, and HSP’s – a term coined by by psychologist Elaine Aron, for a recognised personality trait.

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Signature reading Kate, with a heart.

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  1. “You are an Energy Projector if you have a defined motor center. Note your Sacral Center will be open because otherwise you’d be a Generator rather than a Projector, but any of your other three motor centers (Solar Plexus, the Ego center, or the Splenic Center) may be defined.”

    –> Isn’t the forth motor center the root center instead of splenic center?

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