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Guide to the 4/6 Human Design Profile – Opportunist Role Model

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Learn about the 4/6 Human Design profile, what it means for your aura type, how it influences your relationships, and the way you live your life.

Overview of the Opportunist Role Model 4/6 Profile in Human Design

4/6 Human Design Profile - Opportunist Role Model.

The 4/6 profile is the last profile with personal purpose, which means their purpose can be fulfilled independently, without the need for interactions with others. 

Yet despite this, thanks to the 4th line in their profiles, Opportunist Role Models also have excellent transpersonal skills.

As their lives evolve, so too does their wisdom.

That’s not to say they have great influence over everyone in their sphere – that’s not how the 4 line works. But they can find ways around this, as can anybody with the line of the Opportunist in their chart.

It’s also worth a quick mention here, that as with all profiles with a 6 line, Opportunist Role Model’s lives are divided into three distinctive phases:

  • Phase one – Starts at birth an continues to around 30 years of age
  • Phase two – Starts at around 30 and continues until around 50 years of age
  • Phase three Starts at around 50+ and lasts until the end of life

As their lives evolve, so too does their wisdom.

The profile lines in your Human Design chart offer insight to your personality. Each one brings its own specific set of qualities and innate gifts to your design, teaching you more about your life purpose and incarnation cross.

Quick recap about the profile lines…

There are 12 profiles in the the Human Design system developed by Ra Uru Hu. Each one is made up of two of the six profile lines, which correspond to the six lines of the hexagram. They comprise of:

  • 1st Line – The first line is the line of the Investigator
  • 2nd Line – The second line is the line of the Hermit
  • 3rd Line – The third line is the line of the Martyr
  • 4th Line – The fourth line is the line of the Opportunist
  • 5th Line – The fifth line is the line of the Heretic
  • 6th Line – The sixth line is the line of the Role Model

Every human being has their own profile number which can be found by looking at the unique energetic blueprint of their body graph.

Your conscious profile calculation is derived from the position of your personality sun / earth (conscious personality), and your unconscious design calculation is based on the position of your design sun / earth (unconscious sun / earth).

When we talk about profiles, the following three important things should be borne in mind:

  • When looking at your profile lines, the first number is tied to consciousness, and the second number to unconsciousness.
  • They provide potential influence for your life experiences, not guarantees.
  • They ultimately manifest in a different way depending on your aura type, and they should therefore be read in conjunction, as a unique way to navigate the world.

Now let’s take a closer look at the dynamic of the two lines in a 4/6 profile…

The 4th Profile Line – Opportunist

Natural talents for people with the fourth line in their profile are effortless friendliness and sociability, meaning people tend to be drawn to them easily.

Opportunities come only from genuine, close connections.

A distinctive feature of the 4th line is the way it effects opportunities for anyone who has it in their chart. As a rule, opportunities arise from the contacts and connections in an Opportunist’s life.

The important thing to bear in mind, however, is that opportunities come only from genuine, close connections. Those outside of an Opportunist’s immediate circle are immune to their good-natured and warm aura, and will not provide opportunities in the same way.

In order to receive some ‘benefit’ from somebody who may be in a position to help an Opportunist to achieve their goals, they must first make friends with them. Often an introduction from a mutual friend who is already in their circle is the best way to achieve this necessary step.

Anyone with the fourth line needs to perceive an exchange of energy and benefits.

Note that it’s also important that the connection is genuine, because simply using someone for what they can offer won’t work. But as soon as a connection is real and provides value to the other person, they will become ready and willing to share opportunities that will benefit the Opportunist. 

Keep in mind that anyone with the fourth line needs to perceive this exchange of energy and benefits, not because they use people but because they are not here for one-sided relationships. 

Since Opportunists invest a lot of their life force energy in the people in their close circle, they feel drained and experience burnout if there is no reciprocation.

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False Self in the 4/6 Opportunist Role Model Profile

As is always the case, the not-self theme applies only to the conscious line of any profile, in this case, the fourth line of the Opportunist.

The main way the false self manifests in this profile is as a fear of rejection.

The 4/6 can fall into the trap of attempting to win over everyone.

Because connections are so vital to a 4/6, they’re very susceptible to becoming preoccupied with how they’re perceived by others. This can lead to excessive efforts to gain recognition, and again, this doesn’t work for the Opportunist.

For close contacts no effort is required to build sincere relationships; on the other hand, anyone who is a stranger or merely an acquaintance cannot be flattered, coaxed, or seduced. 

The 4/6 can be aware of this logically, and yet still struggle to avoid falling into the trap of attempting to win over anyone who is not naturally drawn to them.

The 6th Profile Line – Role Model

The 6th line Role Model is a special line in that it’s divided into three life stages, each one with specific roles in an individual’s development:

  • Phase one: birth to Saturn return
  • Phase two: Saturn return to Chiron return
  • Phase three: after Chiron return

These stages are often described using a house analogy, with the second phase being ‘on the roof’. It’s an introspective time during which an individual is able to look out and gain insight and perspective.

This is followed by the third phase of coming back down from the roof, with newly acquired great wisdom, to reintegrate with those around them in a more mature and valuable way.

Now let’s take a closer look at the three different life stages of the 6th line.

Phase One: Birth to Saturn Return (~ Age 30)

This first phase is all about making mistakes and learning from them in the early years of life. During this period, the 4 line craves stability and solid foundations, and line 6 seeks this out through the process of trial and – more often – error. 

Over time, this can lead to some despondency and pragmatism for the 4/6, as they begin to see the world from a more realistic perspective.

Phase Two: Saturn Return (~ Age 30) to Chiron Return (~ Age 50)

The second stage is somewhat transformative for those with the 6th line in their profile.

=The Opportunist Role Model can feel that they’ve reached maturity during this period.

This is the time when things become clearer, the Role Model becomes more practical and conscientious, and loses much of their naivety. They are likely to find their soul mate during this period too, after experiencing many false starts in this area during phase one.

However, while the 4/6 Opportunist Role Model can feel that they’ve reached maturity during this period, they have more development to come in their final phase of life.

Phase Three: After Chiron Return (~ Age 50+)

This phase is when the 4/6 finally feels at peace.

In the third and last phase, those with the 6th line in their profile reach full maturity. They’re finally able to recognise their prior inexperience – arrogance even – and cease to be shocked by many things in life.

With their new-found wisdom, acquired through lessons learned from past experiences, this phase feels like arriving for the 4/6, and they are finally at peace.

The Role of Aura Type in Profile 4/6

What does a 4/6 mean in Human Design? To answer this question properly, we must look at more than just the independent and combined profile lines of the Opportunist Role Model.

It’s important to consider your profiles within the context of Human Design aura types.

While the qualities attributed to each of the lines are essentially applicable to every 4/6 profile, they are nuanced and varied according to aura type: profiles are expressed differently according to energy type.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider your profiles within the context of Human Design types.

Diagram of 4/6 profile in Human Design.
Diagram of 4/6 profile in Human Design.

4/6 Manifestor Profile in Human Design

The Manifestor’s aura is closed and repelling, resulting in a lack of empathy and meaning they are highly self-sufficient because they’re able to initiate without waiting for an invitation.

Pure Manifestor’s with the 4/6 profile enjoy the opportunities that come from close connections for anyone with the 4th line, however it can also be problematic for them. 

It’s important for Manifestors with the 4/6 profile to nurture their relationships.

Their repelling aura and reluctance to ask for help can leave loved ones feeling used, and with lack of aptitude when it comes to reading others, this can go unnoticed.

For the 4/6 Manifestor, rather than a tendency to walk away from one-sided relationships, they’re more likely to experience others ending the association.

With this in mind, it’s important for Pure Manifestors with the 4/6 profile to nurture their relationships with a little sensitivity.

4/6 Generator Profile in Human Design

Thanks to their defined Sacral center, Pure Generators have a unique and special decision-making process. 

This internal response differs according to their inner authority, but whether you have Sacral, Splenic, or Emotional authority, paying attention to their particular response is an imperative for Generators.

If Generators accepted every invitation, they would soon be exhausted.

Since a key feature of the 4 Opportunist line is close connections inviting you to take up opportunities, this is especially vital for 4/6 Generators. 

If Generators accepted every invitation, they would soon be exhausted, so it’s necessary to listen to their inner response and only take up those invitations which genuinely appeal.

4/6 Manifesting Generator Profile in Human Design

Manifesting Generators are a hybrid of Manifestors and Generators, with a combination of their features. 

MG’s inherit their strategy from Pure Generators, meaning they must listen to their Sacral response in order to make correct decisions, but they are also able to initiate like a Pure Manifestor.

Living in alignment with their strategy and authority ensures the MG doesn’t take on more than they’re able to handle.

Unlike Pure Generators, Manifesting Generators are also able to juggle more than one project at a time, however they can become overwhelmed if they’re not discerning about what they undertake. With so many opportunities coming their way, it’s important to prioritise only what lights them up.

Living in alignment with their strategy and authority ensures the MG doesn’t take on more than they’re able to comfortably and competently handle.

4/6 Projector Profile in Human Design

A 4/6 profile and Projector aura are a beautifully complementary combination.

Instead of attempting to initiate, it is correct for Projectors to wait for an invitation, which is their strategy, before proceeding.

When Projectors follow their strategy, everything seems to work perfectly in their favour, like fate. In this sense, the 4/6 Projector is one combination of aura and profile which is beautifully complementary.

4/6 Reflector Profile in Human Design

Reflectors are unique in that they have poorly defined traits of their own, instead trying on the qualities and characteristics of others which appeal to them.

One distinguishing feature of Reflectors is their ability to emulate others which also allows them to easily read the energy of the people around them. For a 4/6 Reflector, this skill translates to an even more intense influence on those around them.

Careers for Profile 4/6 in Human Design

Ideal careers for the 4/6 profile include anything that requires close communication with others, particularly any kinds of caring professions.

Bear in mind Ra Uru Hu said of the 4/6:

Never leave a job without already having another one.

Ra Uru Hu

4/6 Human Design Compatibility

If you are a 4/6 Opportunist Role Model, there are specific profiles you’re known to be effortlessly compatible with, and this extends beyond romantic partners to all areas of your life, including friendships and business relationships too.

Bear in mind that this is simply a guide to known easy relationships, and doesn’t indicate that other relationships can’t also work!

Ideal matches: 4/6 and 1/3

Also compatible: 1/4, 2/4, 4/1, and 6/2

Less compatible: 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 5/1, 5/2, and 6/3

Famous 4/6 Human Design Profiles

Celebrity 4/6 profiles include:

  • The Dalai Lama
  • Brad Pitt
  • Drew Barrymore
  • James Franco
  • Bob Dylan
  • Julie Andrews
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Kathy Bates
  • Halle Berry
  • Bill Gates
  • Bobby Brown
  • King Charles
  • Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • Condoleezza Rice

What Does the Science Say?

The theory of Human Design is not supported by science.

That said, the concepts associated with the philosophy are no less fascinating, and I’ve been interested in deconstructing various principles to see where there may be elements which crossover with studies and research.

There are no MBTI types which stand out as having clear parallels with the 4/6 Opportunist Role Model.

In terms of the 12 profiles, I’ve been cross-referencing with the Myers-Briggs personality types, to see whether there are any direct overlaps with the 16 personality types identified in the MBTI test.

In the case of the 4/6 Opportunist Role Model, there are no MBTI types which stand out as having clear parallels. However, there is one which is similar:

ENFJ, the Protagonist

Charismatic and inspiring, this type is popular and influential, just like the 4/6 Opportunist Role Model.

You can read more about the ENFJ here.

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