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Finding clarity and harmony where spirituality aligns with science.

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55 x 5 manifesting method. Image shows a notebook with a positive affirmation on the cover. There's a small succulent, rose gold notebook, rose gold paper clips, and a silver keyboard beside it.

The 55×5 Manifesting Method & How to Hack the Technique For the Best Results!

Image shows an open journal with 'hello' written on it in turquoise, and pens and journaling accessories scattered around it.

11 Manifesting Journaling Methods, Modified For Results Backed By Science!

Manifestation affirmations | Image shows a woman with pink nails writing an affirmation in a notebook.

How to Get Real Value From Manifesting Affirmations

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Human Design types | Image shows a lily beside an aroma stick on a white background.

The 5 Human Design Types – Understanding Your Life & Energy

Human design center | Image shows a woman meditating by the sea.

The 9 Human Design Centers – An Overview of the Fascinating Philosophy

Authority, Human Design | A woman hold up two different tops to choose from.

Authority in Human Design – Guide to Inner & Outer Authorities

Human Design profiles | Image shows a woman sitting at a desk pinching thumbs and fingers together in meditative pose, with a sand timer in front of her.

Guide to the 12 Profiles in Human Design & Role of the 6 Profile Lines

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