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Gate 31 in Human Design: The Gate of Leading (Gene Key 31)

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Learn about Human Design gate 31 (gene key 31): the gate of leading. Discover its highest expression, its not-self quality, and practical ways it can be applied to your unique Human Design.

Gate 31 in Human Design: The Gate of Leading

Gate 31 Human Design | A woman with loose dark hair and wearing a crisp white shirt stands in front of a group of colleagues to take a meeting.

Gate are one of many components of Human Design. There are 64 gates in the Human Design system, each with its own qualities which work in synergy with aura type and profile.

The lines of the Mandala provide a visual representation of each of these gates.

Rave mandala.

The official name of gate 31 is the Gate of Leading. The energy of each gate is different, and this one is associated with leadership and influence, and is located in the Throat center.

Having a Throat connection brings an important quality to a gate or channel: it gives it a ‘voice’.

Having said that, as a Projected gate energy, 31 requires that you wait for an invitation before it attempts to express itself.

Note, this applies whatever your Human Design energy type. It can become confusing, but a Projected gate energy is separate from Human Design type and has to do instead with the energy center to which the gate belongs (in this case the Throat).

This is why it’s so important when reading a Human Design chart to take all components together, since there are many different elements and aspects which affect individual expression.

Channel of Gate 31: Alpha Channel 31/7

Part of the channel of the Alpha 31/7, gate 31 connects to the G center via complementary gate 7, the Gate of the Role of the Self in Interaction.

Complementing defined gates work successfully together.

The positive leadership qualities of gate 31 are realised naturally and easily when Alpha channel 31/7 is defined. 

When this channel is undefined, finding a partner with a defined harmonic gate 7 can work well: the two complementing defined gates work successfully in tandem.

Quick recap re definition…

For definition to exist in a center, there must be definition between two energy centers. This results in defined centers, creating an easy flow of information between them, in a consistent way. 

In this case, the defined Alpha channel brings definition to both the Throat and G centers.

You may also be interested in this guide to the 64 gates and 36 Human Design channels.

Circuitry of the Gate of Leading

In Human Design, each specific gate is part of a specific circuit – kind of like an electrical circuit board – and gate 31 is part of the Collective Circuit.

The Collective Circuit can be further split into two sub-circuits: 

  • Sensing Circuit (Abstract)
  • Understanding Circuit (Logic)

The Alpha channel 31/7 is part of the Understanding circuit, within the Collective circuit.

Diagram of Human Design Collective Circuits.
Diagram of Human Design Collective Circuits.
Read more about circuitry in Human Design.

Now let’s take a look at the different ways gate 31 manifests…

High Expression of Gate 31: Democratic Leadership

All life force energy in Human Design exists on a spectrum. When living in alignment with your individual strategy and authority, you’re able to tap into the positive qualities of the energy in your design of leadership.

Those with gate 31 in their own chart are true leaders, compelled to influence and guide and deriving a sense of purpose from doing so. When the Alpha channel is defined and you are living correctly, this process is organic and works seamlessly with profound effect.

The ability to notice patterns and adapt to change is critical to the success of your leadership role.

The Gate of Leading manifests as an authoritative and reliable voice; others not only pay attention to you, they also democratically seek out and elect you as a source of authentic and trusted leadership.

Indeed, this mechanism works effectively only when its Projected energy is invited by others.

Respected leaders become such thanks to their deeper understanding of the greater good, and their dedication to work towards a better future for all. This is especially true for gate 31 being in the Collective Circuit, which represents shared values.

A community of diverse people put their hands together as a team.

As part of the Logic sub-circuit, the ability to notice past patterns and adapt to changes is critical to the success of your leadership role.

When Alpha channel 31/7 is not defined and you are not living correctly, a variety of issues become apparent.

A desire to serve, being part of the collective understanding of their community, and ongoing awareness of what’s required is what brings cooperation – admiration even – for those with gate 31.

Low Expression of Gate 31: Hunger For Power

When channel 31/7 is not defined and especially when you are not living correctly, a variety of issues and challenges become apparent.

Low expression of the Gate of Leading manifests as the lust for power and control.

Your efforts to lead those who have not explicitly invited your guidance can lead to poor outcomes and negative experiences, regardless of your intentions.

At the extreme end of the spectrum, low expression of the Gate of Leading manifests as the lust for power and control. Instead of being driven by altruistic and noble qualities, gate 31 energy can become unprincipled and even corrupt.

In this case, leadership may become a battle of wills as gate 31 clings to power, even as its authority is contested.

Embrace the opportunity to be a positive role model.

Tips For the Gate of Leading

As a natural leader in a position of power, there are several ways to use your energy for best outcomes:

  • Wait to be invited – remember this is a Projected energy.
  • Always value democracy.
  • Don’t chase power – embrace the opportunity to be a positive role model and influence others as a good and humble leader.

Guiding others towards becoming their best selves and empowering them realise their goals autonomously is the most valuable leadership style for the energy of gate 31.

What the Science Says

As I’ve covered in more detail in other posts, despite the fascinating New Age philosophy, there is no evidence that any aspect of Human Design holds any validity, neither as a whole nor in terms of its various elements,

Nonetheless, many people find comfort from all kinds of faith and spirituality, and there is value in that, as evidenced by a study conducted in 20201.

Signature reading Kate, with a heart.


  • Bożek A, Nowak PF and Blukacz M (2020) The Relationship Between Spirituality, Health-Related Behavior, and Psychological Well-Being. Front. Psychol. 11:1997. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01997.

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