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Powerful Affirmations For Shifting to Your Desired Reality

Try these daily affirmations to focus your subconscious mind and support shifting to your Desired Reality.

What are Reality Shifting Affirmations?

Shifting affirmations | A turquoise teacup is half in shot, on top of a white piece of paper with the words 'I can do it.' written on it. There are some pink hearts sprinkled on the paper, and a sprig of baby breath on the desk.

Law of Attraction affirmations are positive statements designed to train your unconscious mind to have faith and believe an idea.

So reality shifting affirmations are a list of affirmations specifically designed to foster a belief in your ability to shift to your desired reality.

Affirmations typically take the form of ‘I am’ statements, as this is generally accepted to be the most powerful format for them to take, however they can be phrased in other ways too. You will find examples of both below.

How Do Reality Shifting Affirmations Work?

Reality shifting affirmations are designed with shifting in mind, but all affirmations essentially work in the same powerful way, and it all comes down to how the brain works.

When we utilise different affirmations, we are effectively overwriting limiting beliefs.

We each have a set of beliefs, which we acquire through life based on our experiences and the influences of those around us. 

Some of these beliefs will be valid and useful, but unfortunately many are steeped in self-doubt, and can prevent us from reaching our full potential. Known as limiting beliefs, these ideas manifest as negative thoughts, or self-talk, disempowering us and holding us back.

When we utilise different affirmations, we are effectively overwriting those limiting beliefs and rewiring our brains to a more positive mindset. This creates a noticeable change in attitude, and ultimately attracting more positive things into our lives.

You can read more about about the power of positive affirmations and how they work in this post about how affirmations work.

How Do You Use Shifting Affirmations?

Affirmations are a big part of shifting and are frequently included as an important step in a variety of different methods including the Raven method, Sunni method, and Train method.

Shifting affirmations can also be used in the shower or whilst journaling.

That said, shifting methods are fairly flexible, so even those which do not call for affirmations can be adapted should you wish to include them. 

For example, they could easily be added in place of or between counting in the Julia method, which is said to be one of the easiest shifting methods for the average person.

Shifting affirmations can also be used at other times of the day than when actively attempting to shift. 

The message being affirmed lays new neural pathways to promote a more positive mindset.

You might like to try using shifting affirmations whilst driving, in the shower, or as part of a daily journaling practice.

Just like any other affirmations, they work most effectively for shifting when practiced regularly. 

The theory is that the frequency of the positive message being affirmed essentially drowns out any negative form of self-talk, and ultimately lays new neural pathways which promote the belief you are aiming to establish.

If you’re interested in trying the power of affirmations to help you in your shifting journey, you may also be keen to explore subliminals and white noise, and binaural beats which are also said to benefit the shifting process.

Read more about the the best shifting methods and techniques in this post about how to shift realities.

How to Practice Spiritual Affirmations Effectively

Follow these simple steps for the best results:
  1. From the following list of positive affirmations, choose two or three which really resonate with you.
  2. You can repeat your affirmations out loud like a mantra, or write them down if you prefer.
  3. Take a few deep breaths to help you get into a relaxed state and the right mindset.
  4. To begin with, aim to recite or journal your affirmations daily, for around five minutes.
  5. If you prefer to chant your affirmations, you can do this in front of the mirror, during meditation practice, or even whilst getting ready.
  6. The important thing is that you remember to practice your affirmations regularly and frequently enough that over time, they become your inner voice, drowning out and eventually replacing any negative feelings about yourself.
  7. You may like to write out your affirmations on sticky notes and place them somewhere conspicuous as a reminder, like a vision board.
  8. Assess your progress after a couple of weeks. If you feel that you’ve realised your goal and achieved a positive shift in your outlook or perspective, introduce new affirmations to your practice, alongside or to replace the original list.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of practicing affirmations!

90 Top Affirmations For Reality Shifting

Now try this list of powerful shifting affirmations!

I Am Shifting Affirmations

  1. I am open to shifting.
  2. I am capable of shifting.
  3. I am ready to shift.
  4. I am confident I can shift.
  5. I am shifting.
  6. I am skilful at shifting.
  7. I am successfully shifting.
  8. I am a master shifter.
  9. I am shifting from my Current Reality to my Desired Reality.
  10. I am inspired to shift.
  11. I am choosing to shift.
  12. I am completely focused on shifting.
  13. I am excited to experience my new reality.
  14. I am grateful for the opportunity to shift.
  15. I am capable of successfully shifting.
  16. I am spiritually in my Desired Reality.
  17. I am shifting to an exciting parallel universe.
  18. I am on the right path to shift realities.
  19. I am worthy of love and I am worthy of shifting.
  20. I am in control of my thoughts, and I choose to shift.
  21. I am in the waiting room for my Desired Reality.
  22. I am worthy of unconditional love in my Current and Desired Realities.
  23. I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to shift.
  24. I am in the process of shifting to the Desired Reality I have created.
  25. I am fully in control of shifting.
  26. I am worthy of shifting to my Desired Reality.
  27. I am excited to start my shifting journey.
  28. I am comfortable with the idea of shifting.
  29. I am grateful to be shifting to my Desired Reality.
  30. I am living in my Desired Reality.
  31. I am fearless about shifting.
  32. I am excited to shift.
  33. I am in my Desired Reality.
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More Powerful Shifting Affirmations

  1. Shifting is easy.
  2. I have faith in my ability to shift.
  3. Shifting is accessible to everyone.
  4. I have the power to shift realities.
  5. I deserve to shift.
  6. I can shift effortlessly.
  7. I believe in shifting.
  8. I can shift to my Desired Reality easily.
  9. I feel safe when I shift.
  10. Shifting makes me feel powerful.
  11. Shifting is a simple process.
  12. My Current Reality self is safe when I shift.
  13. My positive thoughts help me shift.
  14. I believe I can shift successfully.
  15. Shifting is simply mind over matter.
  16. Affirmations help me shift.
  17. I can shift whenever I choose to shift.
  18. I can overcome any obstacle to shifting.
  19. I give myself permission to shift realities.
  20. I have started the process of shifting.
  21. My Desired Reality awaits me.
  22. My mind is powerful and can transport me to my Desired Reality.
  23. I trust the universe to guide my shifting experience.
  24. I fully embrace my Desired Reality.
  25. The process of shifting goes smoothly for me.
  26. It is my destiny to shift realities.
Affirmations for shifting | A yellow piece of paper with the words 'Instead of giving myself reasons why I cant, I give myself reasons why I can' stands against a teacup and saucer.

More Affirmations to Shift Reality

  1. I love being in my Desired Reality.
  2. I shift at the right moment.
  3. I can manifest my Desired Reality.
  4. I have a powerful mind, capable of creating my Desired Reality.
  5. I can shift easily through meditation.
  6. My Desired Reality is more powerful than the physical world.
  7. My Desired Reality is beautiful.
  8. Shifting is as natural for me as breathing.
  9. I can visualise my Desired Reality with ease.
  10. I have shifted before and I can shift again.
  11. I release negative energy and embrace positivity energy to help the shifting process.
  12. Positive thinking helps my shifting process.
  13. My pure consciousness smoothes the process for shifting.
  14. My shifting abilities get stronger every time I shift.
  15. Positive thinking leads to positive changes in my experienced reality.
  16. I have divine connections which support my desire to shift.
  17. I can successfully create and shift to a different reality.
  18. I shift at exactly the right time.
  19. Shifting helps me live the best life in the best reality.
  20. Shifting is easiest when I inhale positive emotions and exhale negative emotions.
  21. The best possible reality is the one I choose for myself.
  22. There is so much beauty in my Desired Reality.
  23. My Desired Reality gives me incredible energy levels.
  24. My mind is more powerful than my physical body.
  25. I can shift easily using my favourite method.
  26. I feel completely relaxed and comfortable about shifting.
  27. I shift naturally and easily.
  28. I trust in my ability to shift.
  29. I can shift to any DR I choose.
  30. I express gratitude every time I shift.
  31. With intention, I shift easily.

Tips for Creating Effective Affirmations for Shifting

You’re welcome to borrow or adapt the above list of powerful affirmations for shifting, but if you’re planning to write your own affirmations, here are a few tips to help you make them as effective as possible.

  1. Write in the present tense – This helps ‘trick’ the brain into believing the statement is already true, which has an enormously beneficial influence.
  2. Use ‘I am’ statements – Affirmations beginning with ‘I am’ are popular because they‘re thought to be super effective, although you can use variations if you wish.
  3. Use positive language – Write I am as opposed to I am not; if necessary rewrite your affirmation to make it positive. 
  4. Be specific – Just like with SMART goals, getting clear and intentional will help to make your affirmations more effective.

Why not use some of the shifting affirmations from our list, or create your own following these tips?

Shift Realities Now With Positive Affirmations

When used correctly, affirmations are powerful tools for personal growth, with the ability to increase confidence and self-esteem, and empower you to create positive change in your life.

Why not use some of the shifting affirmations from our list, or create your own following the tips above?

Exercise patience, and you may just be surprised at the effect shifting affirmations have on your mindset.

What the Science Says

While affirmations definitely have legitimate value, shifting is a bit more subjective.

Our minds are powerful, with the capability to create rich inner worlds.

In terms of whether we can actually shift realities, there’s no evidence to support this idea. 

However, our minds are powerful, with the capability to create rich inner worlds. And of course the quality and depth is something that is not easily measured.

Shifting has been described as a transliminal experience, meaning a susceptibility to psychological material originating in the subconscious. In other words, shifting may simply be an arguably extreme form of escapism.

Read more about transliminality in this post about how to shift realities.

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