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Find Your Moon Sign With a Free Astrology Calculator

Use this free online moon sign calculator to find which Tropical Zodiac sign your moon occupied in your astrology chart at the place and time of your birth.

What is a Moon Sign Calculator?

Moon sign calculator | Collection of watercolour paintings of the different phases of the moon and a zodiac chart spread out on a desk.

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In astrology, the moon is considered a planet.

Also known as a lunar calculator or lunar sign calculator, a moon sign calculator determines the planetary positions at the moment of birth, producing a diagram based on your birth date and location.

Note: in order to ensure this snapshot is accurate, it’s important to enter your precise birth time if known.

Part of the astrological birth chart created includes the position of the moon. Note: in the context of astrology, the moon is considered a planet. You may be interested in reading more in this post about planets in Human Design.

With this in mind, it’s possible that a moon calculator can also be a sun sign and/or rising sign calculator, depending on the specific information included on the chart created.

What Does Your Moon Sign Mean in Astrology?

Your moon sign, also known as your lunar sign, is the moon phase you were born under, or the sign of the zodiac which the moon occupied at the moment of birth.

Vedic astrology considers the moon sign and Ascendant of principal importance in a birth chart.

If your sun sign represents your personality traits, your moon star sign is said to determine your emotional state, deep inner self, and life path.

The sun sign is typically considered the most influential in traditional Astrology. However Indian Vedic astrology considers the moon sign and Ascendant to be equally important, with Indian astrologers placing high emphasis on moon sign predictions.

What is My Moon Sign?

The calculator below provides your full natal chart, including moon sign.

We’ve now established why you may want to know your moon sign (sometimes known as moon horoscope), given its profound influence and important role in your life.

It’s important to know that the laws of the moon’s motion are fairly complex – meaning that a calculator is required in order to determine your lunar sign. 

The calculator below provides your full natal chart with a diagram and full list of planets and aspects (you will also find an optional report to purchase, if you wish).

What’s the Significance of Your Moon Sign?

Finding your sun sign is so simple that you likely know it without even being sure how or when you discovered what it was.

Determining the lunar sign of an individual can be slightly trickier because the moon has quick transitions around the zodiac, staying in each sign for only around two and a half days. This means the exact time of birth is key information for accuracy in a moon sign chart.

Think of your moon sign as your emotional makeup.

The strength of the moon makes it the second most important planet in a person’s horoscope, its pivotal role representing a person’s harnessed emotional power.

The moon sign indicates the subconscious and intuition. It’s the profound nature of its energy which makes your moon sign so significant – think of it as your emotional makeup, or a psychological compass.

Moon Sign Calculator

Simply enter your date of birth and time of birth as accurately as possible, and hit ‘create chart’.

Note: If your place of birth doesn’t appear in the dropdown box, use a nearby larger city.

Looking for a different kind of calculator? We have a variety of free natal chart calculators available.

How to Interpret Your Moon Sign

Now we’ve established what a moon sign means in astrology and what yours specifically is, let’s take a look at how to interpret each different zodiac moon sign…

Aries Moon

Assertive | Energetic | Blunt

Ruled by Mars – Assertive | Energetic | Blunt

Those with Aries Moon tend to be hot-headed and impulsive, with a short fuse and fiery temper. Aries Moon is characterised by enthusiasm and excitement – whether positive or negative! 

However, despite knowing your mind and not being afraid to voice it, you also forgive easily rather than holding a grudge.

Taurus Moon

Sensitive | Principled | Caring

Ruled by Venus – Sensitive | Principled | Caring

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the female planet and goddess of love, and this shines through for those with a Taurean Moon. The Taurus Moon is associated with the desire for and appreciation of comfort and a sense of security.

Taurus Moon people are very giving in romantic relationships, but expect the same in return. In healthy relationships you are open and expressive, but your sensitivity can leave you easily hurt, and when this happens you can close down.

Note: the Moon is exalted in Taurus.

Gemini Moon

Witty | Articulate | Guarded

Ruled by Mercury – Witty | Articulate | Guarded

The Gemini Moon represents curiosity and mischief, but also idealism and wariness around being too vulnerable.

Those with a Gemini Moon can be guilty of playing games as either a form of entertainment of self-protection, but they are also capable of great sentimentality. 

Cancer Moon

Empathetic | Intuitive | Loyal

Ruled by the Moon – Empathetic | Intuitive | Loyal

Those with Cancer Moon are highly sensitive, both emotionally but also in terms of being in tune with their instincts: they will tend to go with their gut even if it appears to be an illogical decision – and they’re rarely wrong.

Cancer Moon people are some of the most nurturing and loyal you could hope to meet. But be warned – while they’re very compassionate, cross them too many times and they will cut you off without a backward glance.

Leo Moon

Confident | Proud | Conflicted

Ruled by the Sun – Confident | Proud | Conflicted

Leo is ruled by the powerful sun, creating a fiery force of nature. The Leo Moon is a strong and natural leader who enjoys feeling admired by others, and can be prone to bossiness.

On the other hand, when the energetic Leo Moon is centre of attention and feels their talents are recognised, they can be very generous with those in their corner.

Virgo Moon

Opinionated | Wise | Perfectionist

Ruled by Mercury – Opinionated | Wise | Perfectionist

The Virgo Moon is a deep thinker, and prone to over-analysing. They have strong morals and ethics, and thrive when helping others – they like to offer advice, both solicited and unsolicited!

Virgo Moons tend to be naturally anxious and inclined to self-criticism. They hold high (sometimes unattainable) standards, for themselves and those they care about.

Libra Moon

Indecisive | Mediators | Romantic

Ruled by Venus – Indecisive | Mediators | Romantic

Ruled by Venus, Libra is preoccupied with love, beauty and peace. And they’re romantic not necessarily in terms of matters of the heart (though they may be), but in the sense of being highly idealistic. The Libra Moon is intent on keeping the peace at all costs which, due to their indecisive nature, can get them into trouble. 

Whether being generous to a fault and coming to regret it, or being conflicted in relationships, those with the Libran Moon can swing from one position to another, leaving a trail of unresolved situations behind them. 

Scorpio Moon

Controlled | Deep | Protective

Ruled by Pluto – Controlled | Deep | Protective

This water sign moon makes for intense beings. You may experience volatile mood swings, largely because you can be susceptible to taking on the energy and moods of those around you. This makes forming and honouring boundaries super important.

Those with Scorpio Moon are extremely guarded about their emotions and even more so about their secrets. However, they thrive on deep connections with the chosen few with whom they choose to reveal their innermost selves, being very protective of them as well as themselves.

Sagittarius Moon

Philosophical | Blunt | Optimistic

Ruled by Jupiter – Philosophical | Blunt | Optimistic

Thanks to their ruler Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion, those with Sagittarius Moon are inspired philosophy, and seek out truth and knowledge above all else.

Highly curious and somewhat judgemental, you’re forthright and don’t shy away from giving your opinion, and encouraging others to do the same – so you can have a ‘healthy’ debate. But, agree or differ, you tend to move on quickly with a positive attitude.

Capricorn Moon

Independent | Serious | Ambitious

Ruled by Saturn – Independent | Serious | Ambitious

Those with Capricorn Moon are driven by an intrinsic call to succeed. They’re often typical introverts – pensive and often requiring solo downtime to recharge after social interactions.

You’re likely solitary, comfortable spending time in your own company, and reluctant to share your world with another. However, when you do choose to give someone that privilege, you’ll do so with your whole heart.

Aquarius Moon

Reserved | Unpredictable | Self-Assured

Ruled by Uranus – Reserved | Unpredictable | Self-Assured

The Aquarius Moon is characterised by a confidence in one’s own individuality and a refusal to conform, simply to fit in. You’re highly principled, and living accordingly is important to you.

Whilst you can appear to aloof, the reality is that you often have your head in the clouds, thinking things through, without feeling the need to communicate your thoughts. This tendency can manifest as an inadvertent detachment from others in your orbit.

Pisces Moon

Spiritual | Empathetic | Innocent

Ruled by Neptune – Spiritual | Empathetic | Innocent

Highly sensitive and intuitive, the Pisces Moon is often described as an ‘old soul’. You are also susceptible to being deeply influenced by the energy of those around you, and for that reason it’s important to be selective of who you allow in your inner circle.

You may be accused of being ‘dreamy’  or preoccupied, but the opportunity for reflection is vital for your wellbeing and you likely practice meditation as part of a self-care ritual.

What Does the Science Say?

As we’ve explored in other astrology posts, there’s no scientific evidence to support the modality.

Studies suggest the popularity of horoscopes is likely due to a combination of the Barnum Effect and ‘self-attribution bias’.

Read more in our birth chart calculator post.

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